Delk Rutherford & Associates Accounting Dayton, Ohio

Payroll and HR Solutions

Delk Rutherford & Associates have partnered with ADP® to provide a complete line of payroll and Human Resources solutions.

Through our partnership with ADP®, we can help you navigate complex state and federal employment laws, including Affordable Care Act compliance issues.

We offer integrated time and attendance solutions, payroll preview and payroll payment options, payroll tax filing, and retirement services.

We also offer consultation with certified HR professionals through an HR help desk, employee handbook and job description wizards, access to commonly used HR forms and documents, and HR compliance consulting.

Payroll and HR Services
  • Payroll preview
  • Payroll general ledger interface
  • Electronic payroll reports
  • Tax filing
  • New hire reporting
  • Affordable Care Act compliance
  • Payroll payment
  • Garnishment payment service
  • HR help desk
  • Employee handbook and job description wizards
  • HR documents and forms
  • ACA compliance tools and support
  • HR fundamentals training
  • Retirement services

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